Class Schedule

Ninja Sharks5:00 (O)4:30 (P)5:00 (O)
4:30 (P)
Private Lessons
Private Lessons
Jr Black Belt Program5:40 (O)5:10 (P)

5:40 (O)5:10 (P)
Private LessonsPrivate Lessons
Sr Black Belt Program6:30 (O)6:00 (P)6:30 (O)6:00 (P)

Private LessonsPrivate Lessons
Sparring (All Ranks)

Birthday Parties Are Available On Saturdays

Class Protocol

  • Arrive 5 – 10 min. prior to class time
  • Pull your attendance card
  • Place shoes neatly in shoe rack keeping school neat
  • Quietly prepare for class not disturbing the class in session
  • Martial Arts begins and ends with maximum courtesy
  • Bow on and Bow off the training area
  • Attend class on a consistent basis, at least 2x per week
  • Show proper effort and spirit in class