Benefits of Karate

Karate is more than just self-defense. Students learn a collection of key life skills including Self Control, Discipline, Focus, and Self-Confidence making them a Black Belt in life.

Classes All Ages

Action Karate offers class for all age and skill-appropriate classes for students from 4 to adult. An amazing training experience for all levels and abilities are offered at Action Karate Quakertown.

Special Programs

Action Karate offers specific programs for special needs students and private lessons for those looking for customized instruction, Bully Prevention Programs, and fitness classes

Amazing Events

Incredible birthday parties, Demo Team performances at your location, School programs, and more.

Class Schedule

Ninja Sharks5:50 (P)4:30 (P) (O)5:00 (O) (P)
4:30 (P) (O)
6:20 (P)On Demand ClassOn Demand Class
Jr Black Belt Program5:00 (P)
6:30 (P)
5:10 (P) (O)

5:40 (O) (P)5:10 (P) (O)
5:40 (P)On Demand ClassOn Demand Class
Sr Black Belt Program7:20 (P)6:00 (P) (O)6:30 (O) (P)6:00 (P) (O)

5:00 (P)On Demand ClassOn Demand Class
Sparring (All Ranks)